Why Learn Spanish Language? What are the Advantages of Learning Spanish Language?

Well! Spanish is yet another language which is turning into a larger significance in Europe. And below are few reasons:

  • It’s the best choice for many as a second language worldwide and as per a research 37.6 million in US speak Spanish which depicts that there is an increasing requirement for the language.
  • Many US Employers look forward to employ people with good Spanish spoken skills. Thus Spanish will help you grow your line of business or job in US.
  • Spanish was not popular few years back but now there is a warm welcome for those who speak Spanish across US and so you have a happy travelling as well.
  • One big advantage of learning Spanish is that it makes it easy to learn other languages such asFrench and Italian.

Learning Spanish might help you ease out you career and building relationships. Good you decided to learn Spanish!



Unlike the languages such as Arabic, Chinese or French which have either tricky pronunciation or unique tones Spanish is totally phonetic. That is to say one can easily pronounce it just by looking at it. On the other hand it’s slightly complicated to master its grammar. Well! No language that’s newly learnt it easy!





A1 55 Hours

(Number of Hours is for reference and classes will be held until the completion of syllabus )

Can understand routine conversation, asking simple questions and answering questions, introducing one with others, asking and giving detail about places. If Other person is speaking slowly and clearly able to understand and interact with that person.
A2 60 Hours Able to understand frequently used expression and sentences, which are related to basic personal and family information, profession and work, information related to geography and employment.  Exchange of ideas and information related to routine tasks.
B1 55 – 60 Hours Can deal with the situations which arise in schools, work place, and leisure. Can describe experiences and ideas & thoughts, dreams in brief, explanation for opinions and plans.  Can write a text on simple and familiar topics
B2 60 Hours Can understand complex text on technical discussion, abstract topics .can converse easily with native speaker without strain.  can write detailed text on personal views Ideas and thoughts
C1 85-95 Hours Can understand a longer text and meaning, Can express spontaneously ideas and thoughts without thinking. Can use language fluently and effectively for professional, academic, social purposes. Can write detailed text on complex topics.
C2 85-95 Hours Can understand everything read or heard. Able to speak fluently and spontaneously, able to give public presentations. Able to understand meaning between the lines, Can write detailed text on complex topics.

Spanish Language Certification

The below is a list of Spanish language certifications:

  • CELU
  • DELE
  • TELC
  • CELA
  • ECL

The tests such as STAMP 4S,  STAMP 4SE (elementary level) and OPIc – ACTFL/LTI are computer based.

CELU certification is widely accepted across Argentina, Brazil and China.  This exam has two levels or grades: intermediate and advanced.  The minimum eligibility of candidates appearing for this exam is 16 Years and a pass in exams equivalent to 12th grade in US system. A thing to note is that a candidate who fails in CELU is not awarded with any grade.

TELC is a standardized tests for ten languages including Spanish language. This certification is internationally authorized and recognized across Europe. There are 6 levels in TELC as it is based on CEFR and the Minimum age of candidate is 16 years.

CELA test for Spanish has 3 levels. There is no particular eligibility criteria. ECL is another language proficiency test based on CEFR. This test has 4 levels: A2, B1, B2 and C1. A good thing with test is that it has no tests on grammar and translation.

Among all the above tests, DELE has a good recognition globally. It is recognized by the Spanish ministry of education and science. It can be considered the most opted exam by many students world wide. As per a census there are at least 60,000 test takers every year for this test. DELE is also regarded as the closest equivalent to TOEFL.

We at kudos  provide training for all levels ranging from A1 to C2. We have expert trainers with us who are certified and have years of teaching experience. As we have adopted the same syllabus of DELE in our training it would not just help students learn Spanish, but also help them develop their confidence level and succeed in exams.

Our Services

We are one of the emerging institutes who offer Spanish Classes in Sarjapura road Bangalore. We have expert trainers with us who are dedicated and have years of teaching experience. We provide the best course materials designed by experts’ suggestions. Our Training comprises of:

  • Introduction to the Structure of the Language in contrast to English.
  • Training on Spanish Vocabulary and Pronunciation.
  • Construction of sentence.
  • Progressive teaching of phrases.
  • Spanish
  • Spanish
  • Developing the listening and speaking skills in Spanish.
  • Conversation lessons and group interaction in Spanish.
  • Reading and writing Spanish.
  • Neutralizing language interference.
  • French Translation.
  • International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
  • Corporate Training for Foreign Language.