Solving Board question paper with kudos

Solving board question paper is absolutely helpful because you get to know about the distribution of marks. children can also learn to manage time by practicing previous papers. It will boost children confidence level and will help you realize your weak points. Also children  get to know the model of questions asked and the areas children need to focus upon.

Mock exams with kudos

The most common way to use practice papers is to do a full mock exam in exam conditions. This means:

  • Sticking strictly to the time limit
  • Not looking at any notes or reference materials other than the ones the exam specifically allows
  • Not communicating with anyone else during the exam.

This will give children the nearest experience to the real thing. However, sometimes it can be useful to practice an exam under less strict conditions – for example, (children can allow them self a bit of extra time if they run out, or let them self look things up if they are completely stuck. This can help them to identify which areas they need to do more revision in and how big a problem exam technique is likely to be). If children take extra time, kudos make a note of where child would have had to stop without it.