Why Learn German Language? What are the Advantages of Learning German Language?

Why learn German? What are the advantages of learning German? What are the benefits of learning German? Well! Here are few reasons you should learn German:

  • It’s one of the ten languages widely spoken in the world and also one of the largest spoken languages in European Union (18% of the entire population).
  • Germany is considered as the second largest exporters in the world. It economically ranks the first place in Europe and fourth in the world. A wide number of international corporations are inherited in Germany.
  • Germans are regarded as the toppers in engineering.
  • Since German is used as the second majority scientific language, it has become the third biggest provider to scientific research and development.
  • A recent survey illustrates that a majority of non European migrants have very few troubles finding jobs in Germany
  • Hundreds of great job opportunities for foreign professionals at Germany’s top employers – in cooperation with Monster, Experteer, Stepstone, and CareerBuilder.

Therefore German is also one among the chief employers in the world. Good you decided to learn German!


How easy is Learning German?

In View of fact that English and German are equally Germanic languages one might find a lot of Greek and Latin words in it. A person who knows English might not find learning German very difficult as it sounds a bit like English. Learning a new language requires a lot of practice and patience and German is no exception. Anyways…Start off…Learn German.


There are many language proficiency tests for German language such as STAMP German, Deutsches Sprachdiplom Stufe I and II, DSH, TELC, TestDaF, ZD, ZDfB, ZMP, ÖSD, ECL and GDS, KDS, ZOP, A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2 levels in German offered by Goethe Institute. These German language proficiency certificates are internationally recognized. All the mentioned tests are based on CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).

Apart from the above German language certification programs, there are some tests such as BULATS (Business Language Testing Service), a language proficiency test that is  used to measure the language skills of employees or new job applicants. This is also considered as one of the business tests.

There are few institutes like GLS (German Language School Berlin) which offers certification programs free of cost. But a point to note down is that this recognition in Berlin and few other places only and not worldwide. Click herefor more information.

Its mandatory to acquire a suitable language proficiency certificate in German, If your goal is to apply for higher studies or for a job in Germany or Austria.

Every institutions have their own set of course materials and test patterns.

Some useful resources and websites to learn German language:

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We are one of the emerging institutes who offer German Classes in sarjapura Bangalore. We have expert trainers with us who are dedicated and have years of teaching experience. We provide the best course materials designed by experts’ suggestions. Our Training comprises of:

  • Introduction to the Structure of the Language in contrast to English.
  • Training on German Vocabulary and Pronunciation.
  • Construction of sentence.
  • Progressive teaching of phrases.
  • German Grammar.
  • German Accent.
  • Developing the listening and speaking skills in German.
  • Conversation lessons and group interaction in German.
  • Reading and writing German.
  • Neutralizing language interference.
  • German Translation.
  • International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)