The Kudos Academy is headed by Ms Ruchi Bhandari. During a time in which Bangalore was in need of tuition, she took the opportunity and turned it into a reality. She has been in the line of teaching since the year 2003. Her method of teaching has helped her to spread out her entrepreneurship in the field of teaching as well as develop a name for herself. She has taught in different cultural backgrounds .Having a masters in English and Social Science and being an active member of the UNICEF , she is mindful about the Indian Culture.

she has worked and taught amidst different backgrounds all over India. All these reasons have imbibed in her, unique leadership qualities which make her the moving point of everything. Her amicable nature has made her profoundly popular amongst Young and Old. Apart from all this, she has also served 7 years in (INVENTURE ACADEMY) an international school within the city of Bangalore.

she started her dream with on a very small level but now has 4 institutes with a total of more than 200 students. Kudos Academy believes in the policy of results. Their results speak out the way they carry out their work. Diligence is the key word and her team has always given utmost importance to what their students achieve in their professional careers.